Michèle Comissot is a French interior designer based in Nairobi, Kenya. She has worked in several countries that have shaped her style and her experience in markets opening to interior design.

Michele Comissot

Many of Michèle’s clients look to work with an interior designer to create a space that is functional and comfortable for a family life with social moments. Michèle saves them time and smooths the process of transforming their interiors.

Michèle is able to implement large or small scale projects. From full home refurbishments or one-room refreshes to colour or design consultations. Many of her projects include custom made furniture, refurbished pieces or custom window treatments. She relies on qualified professionals for bathrooms and kitchens renovations.

“My clients often don’t know where to source the items they need in their homes and when they have existing furniture, they struggle to put it all together.”

Michele Comissot

Trained in interior architecture at a young age, Michèle is largely inspired by the countries where she lived: Lebanon, France, Belgium, Peru and Kenya. She loves to design interior spaces that tell the story of the household.

“I love to play with volumes, materials, colours and light. For me, a space must be functional and harmonious either by reviving sentimental pieces or by bringing new touches to complete that finished look. People must feel good and at home.”

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